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Best time to visit Biograd

Best time to visit Biograd is between June and August, when the coast is filled with activities, sun is shinning in it's all glory, beaches are filled with swimmers and harbor is filled with beautiful yachts. Prices during the season are very reasonable when compared to other locations, and after all, near Biograd (towards north) Zadar is placed, which receives many cruise ships. Autumn and spring are also good time to visit Biograd, but in that time, there is no lively atmosphere that summer offers. The coast is very peaceful during winter, and some hotels, stores and restaurants are then completely closed. However, in that period you can find cheapest accommodation prices.

Best time to visit Biograd

Spring - ideal time for open air activities

Easter introduces summer season, as well as spring fruit - make sure to try cherries, strawberries and wild asparagus on the open market. This is an ideal time for open air activities like walking or bicycling - hills are especially beautiful when covered in spring flowers. During sunny days you can take a carefree lunch outside, but be prepared for occasional rain showers, so make sure to bring light rain jackets. Most daring ones will be able to swim in May already, even though I prefer to wait until June.

Summer in Biograd- everything is in it's full swing

Peak of the season is a time between June and August, which is also a time when most Europeans go on a vacation. Everything is so lively - hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars and clubs, filled with people, while many sporting activities offer daily fun. You will find many open air concerts, as well as open air cinemas. On the negative side, accommodation prices are higher, crowds around historical landmarks are bigger, and beaches can be filled with swimmers. Temperatures usually go above 30 C degrees.

Autumn - great time for gourmets

Autumn is a time where everything relaxes a bit, even though September and October are still a great time for a visit, especially for gourmets. It is a season of grape picking and wine making, after which is usually time for olive picking, while on open market you can find mushrooms, hazelnuts and tangerines. Hotels and restaurants are still open, and people working there are much more relaxed cause crowds are smaller. You can still go swimming in September, cause it was a long hot summer and sea is still warm, and many people even go swimming in October.

Winter in Biograd - ideal for relaxing from crowded city

Time form November to March is out of the season, so many activities are completely closed in this period, especially on islands. Hotel room prices drop a lot, and restaurants that are still open are usually centered around locals then around tourists. During sunny days, you can enjoy a cup of coffee outside, but you will definitely feel cold air breezing. Locals will make more time for you, and usually you will be treated as one of them.

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