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Diving in Biograd

The sea all around Biograd is a perfect spot for scuba diving experts, fans, and for those taking their initial levels in the research of sea bottoms. The island chain of north Dalmatia expand over an region that consists of Biograd, island of Pag to the north, islands of Premuda, Ist, Molat, Silba, Dugi otok, Ugljan and Pasman, in addition to the Kornati islands on the southern edge.

The sea along the external parts of the islands is typically deep up to 50 meters; the outside high cliffs of Dugi otok and Kornati islands enter into the sea as deep as 80 meters. These depths enable the sea flora and fauna to prosper. The sea on the internal parts of the islands is typically shallower and for that reason much less rich with marine life, however they are nonetheless fascinating. Ship wreckage's in the surroundings are: GR MISI Boran's wrack, Teta Sara, Wrack 1944, Rozina. One of most gorgeous scuba diving sites is the location where large varieties of reddish corals flourish. Their intense red color and ramified form are one-of-a-kind beautification to the undersea walls, coral reefs, stones and caverns, and this particular work of art of nature will leave no diving enthusiast unimpressed.


As a result of the structure of the ground, the caverns are plentiful of loopholes, and this is the primary factor for the life of a lot of tinier and larger undersea caverns. Among the large ones, we recommend those on the islands Garmenjak and Borovnik, that are amazing regarding the quantity of light coming through the sea surface and the undersea flora and fauna.

Diving in Telascica and Kornati national park

Diving in Biograd

Take note that you have to acquire a exclusive scuba diving licence to plunge within the Telascica Nature Park and Kornati National Park. It is additionally recommended to get an skilled tour guide with you when discovering the waters of natural parks and avoid going on your own. These places are the most desirable for scuba diving, the spots everybody imagines and wishes to come back. The attractive walls has plenty of various kind of marine life, gorgonias, sponges. There you can encounter lobster, moray, the distinct blood-red corals reefs or the undersea caverns or gaps. All the things are really remarkable considering that the sea is unblemished and so unpolluted. The summer months temperature of the sea (around 23C) and its clearness (the depth of 40 m) are the most ideal conditions for every single diving enthusiast. Obviously, these locations are not appropriate for beginner scuba divers. One of most attractive scuba diving locations is the area where large species of red corals grow. Their extensive red color and ramified shape are extraordinary embellishment to the undersea walls, coral reefs, rocks and caverns, and this perfection of nature will leave no diving enthusiast uncaring.

Underwater reefs

In our area this scuba diving places are settled within the channels between the islands. From the greater depths, rocks are climbing up in the direction of the sea surface. As a result of their location, they are loaded with undersea life and various marine life. The visibility is fantastic. These diving places are for all scuba diving classifications.

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